Our Story

Two tired and dehydrated serial
entrepreneurs walk into a coffee bar...

Curly’s Water is the brainchild of two health-conscious entrepreneurs. One just happens to be Curly. His real name is Matt Allison, but thanks to his head of curls, his college volleyball nickname stuck. Before getting into the water business, Curly was the founder of a successful public relations technology company. After seeing a lot of unhealthy behavior in the tech world, Curly left on a mission to inspire and provide the fuel needed to help others have fun and chase down their own wild and crazy dreams. When he’s not making caffeine water, you can usually find Curly surfing or chasing down a good time with his wife and their golden retriever pup named Malibu.

Then there’s Nate. Nate Pruitt is a jack of all trades. After decades in the tech industry, he founded Growth Digital, an Austin-based digital marketing agency that works with high growth companies. In his spare time, he owns and operates Bell Springs Winery and Brewery in the Texas Hill Country with his wife, two sons and two dogs. They split their time between the winery and Montana, enjoying everything outdoors. Nate is about overall wellness, like staying fit with yoga and golf, eating well and living his best life.

So what do you get when you put a joy seeker who’s into health with a marketer who knows a lot about beverages? You guessed it: Curly’s Water.