We crafted Curly’s WateR

With just enough caffeine and electrolytes to help you feel great with
consistent energy and hydration. What can you do when you feel

The Ugly Truth

We all want to feel good, but many of us aren’t doing our bodies good. We know we need to drink more water, but water is boring. It’s hard to get through the day without jolts of caffeine and/or sugar bombs.

Energy drinks, highly-caffeinated coffee, sugary sodas aren’t doing any of us any favors. They may work for a moment, but we are either buzzing or crashing and likely consuming way too much sugar and ingredients we can hardly pronounce.

Crazy fact

Caffeine dehydrates your body. The more you drink, the more dehydrated you become. The more dehydrated you become, the worse you feel. And sugar? Don’t even get me started.

Let’s face it. We can do better.

We created Curly’s Water because life is about what you put into it. And we’re all about living your best life.

Why Curly’s Water?

Curly’s Water is pure, artisan water that we enhance with flavorless electrolytes and organic caffeine straight from the coffee bean so you can hydrate while you boost your energy - and feel good about doing it.

We aren’t talking about a jolt of energy that doesn’t last. We deliberately infused Curly’s Water with just enough caffeine to give you a gentle push of energy instead of a shove. Less caffeine means no jitters or crashes. And electrolytes help you stay hydrated so you feel great all day long.

Our healthy ingredients won’t give you a buzz or slow you down. When you drink Curly’s throughout your day, your energy and hydration stay at a constant level so you can do more of what you love.

Building Healthy Habits that Last a Lifetime

Your health and wellness are made up of small decisions you make every day. Like deciding to drink a green smoothie instead of eating pancakes. Going on a walk instead of letting stress take over. Or standing at your desk instead of sitting all day.

The same goes for the drinks you choose to put into your body. When you substitute Curly’s Water for those high caffeine, high sugar drinks, you’re making the choice to do something good for yourself - something that over time makes a real difference in not only how you feel, but how your body works.

At Curly’s, we want to empower people of all ages, activity levels and body types to take better care of themselves for the long haul. Picking up a bottle of Curly’s Water may not seem like much, but when you keep your cells hydrated, don’t overdo the caffeine, and minimize your sugar and artificial ingredient intake, your body can do more of what it was created to do.

You feel amazing and can crush life without anything holding you back. You take care of your body and it takes care of you. Pretty simple. Just like water.

Buy Curly’s. Start a Good Habit.

Ready to start a good habit you can be proud of? For less than what you probably pay for coffee and energy drinks every week, you can buy a case of Curly’s Water to give your body something to cheer about.

Get Curly’s Water delivered right to your door. Experience what feeling good feels like.



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